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owledge enabling MBOs to deliver more meaningful and transformative experiences to their members.

 What We Do

The Melos Institute was founded with the belief that a new lens and perspective must be used to address the challenges that membership-based organizations are facing today.

Many of the problems considered contemporary, have
in fact, persisted for 100 years or more. The Melos Institute believes that solutions to these issues can only be achieved through rigorous inquiry, participatory research, and a newly framed set of critical questions.

Such efforts will help define an all-important theoretical framework that can advance the association management profession; but more importantly, be used to build a more comprehensive principles-based, systems-oriented body of knowledge for 21st century associations.

This is the Institute's sole task.

Through the Institute's research initiatives, thinkers & shapers - across generations & professions - have the opportunity to explore the underlying reasons why efforts succeed & fail. And by engaging in a vibrant exchange of ideas, they identify solutions that are practical and pragmatic for today's volunteer and staff leaders.

Through the Institute's education initiatives, research findings are shared with those who are interested in enhancing & enriching the membership experience for their members. The input, new ideas and alternative perspectives that are continously solicited help shape the development of materials and tools for volunteer and staff leaders.

New thinkers & shapers are always welcome. Become part of a growing numbers of professionals who are interested in shaping an alternative approach for professionals in association management. For more information, contact us directly


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