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Recent research is revealing some very exciting discoveries surrounding issues of member engagement.
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Research Findings Offer Information Revealing
Why Existing Strategies Fail to Produce Desired Results

a decade of research offers unparalleled insights
Special Interest Society:
How Membership-based Organizations Shape America

For over 200 years, membership-based organizations (MBOs) have played a significant role in advancing information and knowledge in every sector of our society.  And have played a key role in enriching their members' personal and professional lives...and that of the general public.

Yet, our understanding of their existence, role, and contributions remain largely unnoticed.

By analyzing over 400 of their published histories, Special Interest Society breaks new ground by revealing why these organizations emerge as well as what they do to shape every profession, trade and personal avocation in our society.

The research reveals why MBOs continue to experience many of the same challenges as their founders - like member engagement; and what can be done to generate more meaningful and transformative experiences for their members.

The Melos Institute is the
Home of the Relation-centered Management Model
an approach that enables your association become a magnet
for member engagement rather than a competing voice

an introduction to the Melos Institute's
theoretical & functional frameworks
Indeed Relevant Series:
3 Working Papers Tell Why & How
Membership-based Organizations
Can Increase Effectiveness

These working papers, generated from one of Melos' early research initiatives, offer a different way of thinking about MBOs.

They provide critical insight why these distinctive organizations differ from for-profit and other nonprofit institutions.

They explain why existing management techniques fail to deliver desired results. And suggest  why - in light of the findings revealed in Special Interest Society - a new approach for understanding MBOs is needed. It begins with the realization that since these organizations are different, a framework must be established that more effectively defines their existence, emergence and development.

Special Interest Society introduces a theoretical framework. These papers further the discussion by offering a complementary functional framework for their operations. And as a result introduces a new paradigm that will positively impact member engagement: the relation-centered management model.

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